Off To South Texas With G&G

We left Dallas for San Antonio to visit Bob’s great aunt Bettye and then to Corpus Christi where Bob, Sr. (Grumpy) had lived while in Junior High School.  It was amazing what this octogenarian remembered from 70 -80 years before.  He was able to identify this house as where they lived and he showed us the route(s) he and his brother took to Wynn Seale Junior High School which was brand new when they went (the year it opened) and is now the Metropolitan Elementary School of Design.  He could also get us around his old neighborhood showing us this place and that one which he and his siblings visited for ice cream, went to the dentist, etc.

DSC_5564 DSC_5569

2 thoughts on “Off To South Texas With G&G

  1. MKM,

    I think Great Aunt Bettye Dawson spells her name with a final “e”. I had three homophonic aunts, but with three spellings (Betty, Bettye, and Bette).


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