We are passing this Easter quietly due to the coronavirus. We have now been back in NM for about three weeks and, other than grocery shopping, we have been staying in. The great thing about where we are (and the RV) is that we can be outside but only see people at some distance (much more than 6 feet usually). We can walk the dog (and ourselves) early or late in the day and the weather is lovely. Still very cool overnight (40’s) and only in 70’s most days. Love it!

NM, Beautiful NM

We made it back to the Mountain Meadows RV Park that has been our home much of the last 3 years. Usually we are here in the winter months because it gets quite hot here. Not sure what our plans are right now except to hunker down and see what happens with the novel coronavirus. Bob’s mom is about 45 minutes away in the mountains but we are not going to see her quite yet. As you can see it is spring in the desert!

Balmorhea, TX

Well, this place is an experience. We called to make a reservation at the Wall RV Park and the woman who helped us actually lives a couple of hours away. That seemed strange but we continued to the park. Park would be a generous name. This is basically a field, encircled by a fence, with hookups. If you have never been down I-10 across West Texas just visualize what you have seen in western movies of scrub growth, mesquites trees and tumbleweeds and you will have an idea of the area. It is semiarid so not quite desert. The field we were in was basically just weeds. The hookups worked fine and we really didn’t need anything else but it was different. Balmorhea, platted in 1906, got it’s name from it’s founders, Balcom, Morrow and Rhea. Nearby is Balmorhea Lake and, in a slightly different direction, Balmorhea State Park. This is a 1.75 acre spring-fed swimming pool in a 45 acre desert park. We visited it in the last year or two and it is an amazing place in the middle of this desert-like area. When we visited, people were swimming and a scuba diving school from Lubbock, TX (4 hours away) was getting their students some time in a setting deeper than a pool (up to 25 feet with 3.5 million gallons of water that stays between 72 and 76 degrees year-round). Marilyn grew up near Lubbock and will tell you there aren’t a lot of places to scuba dive.

Kerrville, TX

Home of Ronnie Bock’s Kerrville RV. We discovered this place on our way from NM to VA when we stopped to see Marilyn’s sister, Betty, in nearby Bourne, TX. We developed some problems with our motorhome and these guys (Winnebago dealer and repairs) were so wonderful. They let us spend the night hooked to their electricity so we did not have to go to an RV park (and spend $30-40). This trip Bob had a list of things he wanted fixed (including new awnings over each of the three slideouts due to leakage when it rained). Many items on the list did not need to be repaired by them but the wonderful gentleman, Kelly, who walked with Bob dealing with the list told Bob how to fix many of the things himself (saving us considerable money, I’m sure). Would highly recommend this place to anyone with an RV needing repairs.

Breaux Bridge, LA

Here we will spend two nights because after a few days it gets old to travel every day. We are just off I-10 east of Lafayette. Went up the road a short piece to Beaucoup Cajun Superette for what was reported to us to be “the best hamburger you will ever eat.” And it was amazingly delicious. This place is a small convenience store type place that made a limited menu. Due to the coronavirus they were not seating inside (barely any place to do so) but we ate out on a picnic table away from anyone entering/exiting. So nice to “eat out.”

Ft. Chiswell, VA

We have stayed in this park several times going from and coming to Jen’s in No VA. It is very convenient on/off the highway with many restaurants nearby. In this situation, however, restaurants are out. We will stay two nights so that we can grocery shop. We had to empty our refrigerator/freezer due to no electricity while repair work was done. Therefore, and because we will now have to eat in (cook – ugh) most of the time, this will be a large shopping expedition. Weather is lovely here so staying is not a hardship and we’ll have time to settle in and get ourselves organized after being out of the RV.