Westport (June 1)

Before continuing on to Galway, we stopped in Westport for a short walk through the middle of town. Every town we have been in is similar but different. We have enjoyed them all so far.

The octogon (right) is topped by St. Patrick. He is said to have driven the snakes out of Ireland by ringing a bell on top of a mountain – since there were no snakes in Ireland, it worked very effectively.

Cost Joe’s pub has an outside display of some of the whiskies they offer. Almost as many as our son-in-law, Jeff.

The streets of Westport remind us of an American pedestrian mall. Only with crazy Irish drivers!

The shop on the right has caused distress to some residents because the ice cream cone is unsightly. Must be an HOA.

So famous that it is on an Irish stamp.

House with the red door is in the dictionary next to “ivy covered”.

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