Visit to Sonoma

Niece Rebecca joined us and we had a lovely day in Sonoma. This was only a couple of days before Roy’s birthday but we never did sing Happy BIrthday (for which he should be thankful).

The first tasting. We are thinking about changing the name of our RV to the WineABay-Go.

DSC_6708 DSC_6709

At the second winery we bought a bottle and had a picnic lunch. The table initially had a reserved sign on it but when the folks at the next table left, we moved the sign. Don’t tell anyone. Lovely setting right by the river.

DSC_6712 DSC_6716

Made one more stop where we sat outside and Robyn ran back and forth to get each additional tasting. It was late in the day and we had the place to ourselves. Very relaxing!


On the way home, as we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, these fighters flew immediately over us and then gave us a lovely red, white, and blue sky.  It turned out they were French training jets here for a demonstration commemorating the 100th anniversary of the US entry into WWI. They were accompanied by this Airbus A400M Atlas. They flew over nine symbolic monuments including the Statue of Liberty and the Golden Gate Bridge. Bob really worked to get pictures including shooting through the moonroof.

DSC_6723 DSC_6728 DSC_6737

Such an iconic bridge and beautiful city.

DSC_6729 DSC_6733

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