USS Lexington

Bob’s brother-in-law, John, served on an aircraft carrier and told Granny she really needed to visit the one in Corpus Christi (although it is smaller and older than the one he was on).  So, after an Easter Sunday sunrise service at a nearby Lutheran church and breakfast at THE local spot, we toured the USS Lexington and it really was quite amazing.  Hard to believe as large as it seemed that it only had 1000 men while the newer ones carry many times that!  We also had to take a picture of this Whataburger because Corpus is where it originated and they serve Bob’s favorite hamburger.  This one, in the shape of a boat (ship?) is unique I believe.

DSC_5572 DSC_5577 DSC_5582 DSC_5594


DSC_5579 DSC_5592


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