Trotternish Peninsula

Our first outing of Skye was a loop drive on the more northernly and largest of it’s peninsulas. Outstanding views and almost sunny weather. We’ve been very lucky with the wind and rain, having mostly good days when we wanted to sightsee.

The Bodach an Stoir (Old Man of Storr) is a Trotternish landslip caused by layers of rock eroding at different rates. However, a legend says that he was a giant who lived on Trottenish Ridge. When he was laid to rest upon his death, his thumb – the ”Old Man” remained partially above ground. A very interesting bit of geology even without the legend.

Gaelic on most signage.
The Old Man from a distance.
And closer up.

Continuing around the peninsula, we happened upon several outstanding waterfalls.

Little ones…
Bigger ones…
Taller ones…
And famous ones. This is Mealt Falls, easily recognized because behind it in the distance is Kilt Rock, so named because it resembles the national dress of Scotland. Our intrepid photographer did not get a good picture. For more see here.

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