Trip to Chimayo, NM

Leroy and Lois took us on a tour to Chimayo, NM today.  We first drove to Taos where, along the road is this eagle carved into this tree. You can’t tell from this picture but that is in the top of a tree about 25 – 30 feet up. Don’t ask me how anyone got up there to carve it!

DSC_3253 (800x558)

Las Trampas was our next stop. This village was started from a land grant and has been in existance since before 1776. Church still has the original floors underwhich some folks are buried.

DSC_3258 (646x800) DSC_3259 (800x698) DSC_3260 (800x610) DSC_3265 (800x542) DSC_3266 (800x531) DSC_3271 (594x800)

In Chimayo we had lunch at Rancho de Chimayo. The food was delicious and the crowd fun!

DSC_3292 (800x635) DSC_3285 (521x800) Dr. David  and wife, Phyllis. He has about 18 pounds of  “stuff” on his belt and in his pockets.

Very old fire fighting equipment.  Wouldn’t want to depend on this for forest fires!

DSC_3284 (800x558) Hand pump!

After lunch we visited Santaurio de Chimayo to which folks pilgrimage and gather “healing dirt.”

DSC_3303 (800x531) DSC_3295 - Copy (564x800) DSC_3297 - Copy (545x800) DSC_3300 (800x566)

Last stop at the weavers.  This family has been weaving these beautiful wool rugs (and other things) since the 1800’s.  This weaver started at about age 5.

DSC_3311 (531x800) DSC_3312 (531x800)



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