Tombstone, AZ

We are spending a week in Tucson (an area we both really like in winter but way too hot in the summer) and took a drive to Tombstone (site of the famous Shootout at the OK Corral which didn’t actually take place at the corral).  It was mostly a disappointment as we have both seen “old west” towns.  This one is very touristy and commercial but would probably be fun for children and anyone for which it is a novelty.  Anyway, below are a few pictures.  They had the obligatory shootout in the middle of the street. One between the “bad guy” and the sheriff (the one with the shotgun) and the other between two “ladies of the night” over one guy.  The ladies ended there “duel” by shooting the guy – very fitting!  I’ll bet those long coats are hot in the summer. In fact, probably all the period clothes aren’t too comfortable. Big Nose Kate was Doc Holiday’s girlfriend.  We had to take a picture for our Kate. Note: my brother-in-law, Bill, said if I were going to tell a story in pictures then my pictures need to be in order.  He is apparently referring to the guy on the ground in the first picture of the sheriff.  The guy on the ground was shot by the “bad” guy and is the reason the sheriff is about to shoot the “bad” guy.  Hope this clarifies the story. Thanks for really paying attention to the blog, Bill.

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