Three Rivers Petroglyph Site

This petroglyphs site, located between Tularosa and Carrizozo, contains more than 21,000 petroglyphs (do not ask me who counted them).  The one mile hike contains many that are easily seen from the trail. Apparently, one can continue to hike on a poorly maintained trail which contains many more but they are not always as easy to find.

This area is below Sierra Blanca (the back side to what we are accustom to) and in the Tularosa Basin which is some 50 miles wide and 200 miles long.

 Sierra Blanca had not had snow until a few days before we did this. It was beautiful!

I think the picture below is to show how rough some of the path was. I think this was on the “back” side of the hill we went up originally and it was rougher than the front. The main path (front)  was mostly good but up some “steps” that I was glad to have Bob’s help on.

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