The Big Event

The wedding itself was also a great party. Bob said he has never been to a wedding where they served wine before the event.  He also said he didn’t think he had ever been to anything that everyone smiled so much or seemed to have such a good time.  Could the two be related?  Anyway, it was a lovely ceremony for one of our favorite family (nephew John/Juan) and now an amazing addition to the family (Maggie).  We wish them the very best in wedded bliss.

Here are a few pictures of the wedding itself.

DSC_8452 (800x476) DSC_8467 (800x599) DSC_8562 (800x385) DSC_8597 (623x800) DSC_8601 (531x800) DSC_8617 (536x800)DSC_8400 (800x234)

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