Sunshine in Copenhagen

We arrived in Copenhagen on an absolutely gorgeous Sunday in late June. The temperature was low 80s but you would have thought it was 100 degrees and we were in the Mediterranean. This is what greeted us when we went out for an early dinner.

People were mostly sunbathing.
Almost not enough room for everyone!
A few hardy souls were in the water.

Marilyn had been unsuccessful finding an airbnb so we were booked into a Wakeup Copenhagen hotel. Our room is quite small but the view out our window is lovely.

The shower is round!
You can see we are only a short walk to the water.

One of the things we have learned over the last few weeks is how much we just enjoy sitting at a sidewalk cafe to watch the world (the people and the culture) go by. We have probably not done enough of the usual tourist activities (including museums) but we are having such a lovely time! People are the same and different the world over and it is such fun to just observe them in their natural habitat!

Marilyn actually found a place with nachos.
A couple of pictures of canals on our walk to dinner.
Loved the name of this coffee bar across from dinner.

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