Spring Break 2018 in Boerne, TX

Jennifer and the granddaughters flew to Boerne where Marilyn’s sister (GAB – great-aunt-Betty) lives and we drove over from Alpine, TX where we had been spending a couple of weeks (native West Texans need a fix every once in a while, I guess). It was a few days before Easter so GAB, as usual, had something for all of us from the Easter Bunny.

Jennifer was getting a kick out of me opening a gift that said, “I want to go home”. After I got it open I found my favorite fleece (from SF) that I had left at Betty’s the last time we were there. You can see I was happy to have it back.

Charlotte really enjoyed Buddy but I am not sure Buddy understood quite what was going on (especially his monkey on his back!).

Both girls enjoyed the pool and we got good visiting while they were playing. I’ve never seen so many noodles.

GAB had a few jobs for the girls including reorganizing some dresses in her closet (she was always good at planning some activities for our girls when they would visit and she hasn’t lost her touch).  She also treated us all to lunch.



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