So Begins A Walk Down Memory Lane

Off to Austin with a stop in Waco to see the Baylor bear.  He would not come out so we could really see him/her but was pacing in the back so we got a glimpse. It is a wonderful habitat over the pit they used to keep him in when we would stop with our girls 30+ years ago.  In Austin we got lunch at Schlotskys.  Drove to my grandparents’ home at 6th and Baylor.  Wonderful old house on a hill built in 1920 and currently with only its second owner.  My father grew up here and as grandchildren, my siblings and I visited every summer.  The current owner answered the door (Sunday afternoon) at which point I was just going to explain that I wanted my daughter and granddaughters to see the view from the porch and the wonderful yard.  He was so gracious to invite us in to see the house and took us on the grand tour explaining what they had changed (not much which was wonderful, too). The side porch was the setting for a picture of my sisters Betty and Nancy and myself and a neighbor girl we must have played with but whose identity is long lost.  So, we decided we needed a current picture on that stoop but we did not remember that the oldest was at the bottom in the original picture.

DSC_5448DSC_5451DSC_5450DSC_5455DSC_546604-16-2014 07DSC_5459

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