Small World

Bob was looking at Facebook postings early today and read that Jane and Ken Plum had arrived in Stockholm the day before we did. So, of course, we sent them a message and arranged to have dinner together. It’s their last night in Stockholm. For any of you not from Reston, Ken Plum is our VA state representative. He is the longest serving state representative and we love him for his service (it can’t have been easy to deal with some of those crazies in Richmond for so long). Ken has a great sense of humor (which I’m sure has helped him stay sane). We hugged before parting after dinner and I jokingly called him Mr. Plum. With a little twinkle in his eye he told me I could call him Ken – in Stockholm – but when ”we’re back in VA, you can call me The Honorable”.

The Plums had come from Norway and going to Copenhagen (just the reverse of our trip so we shared some ideas).
We met about halfway between our hotels on the bridge in front of the Parliament Building. It was a lovely walk with sunshine but a cool breeze.
There were two of these at each end of each block we passed through on our way to dinner. Not sure of the significance.

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