Sheepdog Demonstration

One of the things Marilyn really wanted to do in Scotland was to see sheepdogs working. So, she arranged for this gentleman, Ian MacKay (pronounced MacKey), to demonstrate his dogs, Glen and Jet, working some sheep. The dogs are Border Collies. Glen is older and more experienced so he started with him. He then added Jet to show the dogs herding the sheep into a pen. It was really amazing to watch them respond to Ian’s voiced and whistled commands. Jet is only two and sometimes didn’t want to do what she was told, especially to lie down or stay. When she was supposed to lie down she would, for a few seconds, and then start inching along on her stomach. We asked what would happen if he left the dogs out with the sheep. Ian said Glen wouldn’t bother them but Jet might chase them around. You know how youngsters can be!

Glen would make a wide circle around the sheep and start them moving.
Then move in to get them really going.
He brought them right over to Ian.
Here the two dogs have the sheep backing into the pen. The sheep appeared to want to resist but didn’t. Ian said the sheep are afraid of the dogs.
The sheep never turned their backs on the dogs as they were being encouraged to enter the pen.
The dogs crouched down and eased along on their bellies to back the sheep into the pen.

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