Scenic Highway

From Lajitas we drove Highway 170 along the Rio Grande to Presidio, TX. Some years ago this highway was declared the most scenic highway in the US by National Geographic. As you can see from the pictures it is very beautiful. Spring is not quite here yet (although the yucca and the bluebonnets didn’t seem to know that) and it will be even more picturesque when that happens.

Desert and mountains together – the best!
Lots of variety in the hills and mountains.
In places it would not be difficult to wade across the Rio Grande but, as Bob pointed out, getting over the mountains on one side or the other could be quite difficult. We also had to ask ourselves where the wall would go.
Just breathtaking at times.
Talk about a wall!
Rapids on the Rio Grande???
We think these are nests for some kind of bird but not birders enough to know what kind. Anyone help us???
Some spring has sprung.
Could not really believe the bluebonnets all along the road.

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