We decided to stay in Rotterdam (rather than Amsterdam) because we wanted to be more central to visit Delft and the Hague as well as Amsterdam. So, today we embarked by train on a local from Bruges to Brussels and then a high-speed train from Brussels to Rotterdam. The high-speed trains usually require seat reservations which Marilyn could not determine how to get using the mobile Eurail pass. So, at the station, we got tickets for 20 euros each to reserve our seats and then took the local to Brussels. In Brussels we changed to the high-speed train and were soon in Rotterdam. We did not realize until later how close our Airbnb is to the train station so we took a cab. Later, we went out to eat at a place that was about a third of a mile away and, lo and behold, it was across from the train station. Oh, well, live and learn.

The train stations are interesting here. You cannot enter through the turnstiles unless you have a ticket. They will actually not open. It seems a little silly from a security standpoint because all you have to do is buy a cheap ticket and get in.

We spent today relaxing, sat outside to eat. The weather is warm and breezy, just perfect! The young clerk at the Airbnb said they have to enjoy the summer because it is only this long (finger and thumb almost touching) and then it is cold again. So, everyone is in shorts, cropped tops, and most have some ink somewhere! The temperature for the next couple of days is expected to be in the 80’s.

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