Roman Baths (May 13)

These baths were constructed on the site between 60 and 70 AD leading to the small Roman urban settlement known as Aquae Sulis around the site (eventually Bath). The current street level buildings date from the 19th century and, together with the Grand Pump Room (now an upscale restaurant and no longer connected to the baths), are a major tourist attraction. One can tour the baths but not take the water (thank goodness!). See some good pictures and more information here. Bob was fascinated by the archeological research so many of his pictures are of partially excavated areas and make little sense if not there.

Not a very imposing looking building.

Reaching over the railing above this pool, one could feel the warmth from the 115 degree F water that then flows into the different pools. The one above was one of the smaller ones.

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