Red River, NM, July 4, 2016

Two years ago Bob’s nephew, John, married a wonderful young woman, Maggie Camp. Here are some pictures of the Camp/Jewel family in the Red River parade. They were celebrating the 100th anniversary of our National Parks.  You will probably recognize Teddy Roosevelt and the park ranger.  Some of the wildlife may be a little more difficult but these are some pretty clever costumes!

DSC_3337 - Copy (800x491) DSC_3338 - Copy (800x531) DSC_3340 - Copy (800x531) DSC_3346 (640x800) DSC_3347 (800x703)

Here are a few other “floats” (you can see that most anything goes). The little boy on the very big horse is just 4 years old. I don’t want to spend too much time in that “Burro” trailer!

DSC_3359 (800x592) DSC_3360 (800x602) DSC_3369 (800x433) DSC_3370 (800x531)

Can you believe snow in July!

DSC_3389 (800x395) DSC_3377 (800x385)

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