Our First EV (May 10)

Cars were expensive to rent here the first weekend (coronation of Charles III) so we rented one for the weekend and, today, returned to Gatwick to exchange for one slightly cheaper. Marilyn rented the cars online in Bob’s name. Unfortunately, she used our United credit card and Bob failed to bring his. So, we had to use a different card (without liability insurance). Marilyn cancelled the remaining two cars we had booked and rebooked in her name so we could use the United card. That meant when we got to Hertz to pick up our car today, they only had an EV because we were a late rental (sigh). They assured us we would find charging stations at most gas stations and, although we will have to charge more often than we would have to gas up, it will cost considerably less. The car is a Polestar (partly a Volvo) and is very nice with a super navigation system. When we arrived at our hotel (near Bath) today we discovered the hotel has a charging station which is free to guests. Wow! It is not a supercharger but we have plenty of time to charge.

We traveled to the Bath area via Southampton (not the most direct route) to see more coast. Southampton is an important port and has walls dating from the 10th century. A few pictures here and here.

We had a lovely early dinner at the Temple Inn in Temple Cloud where we are staying and had an early night. It’s not clear but Temple Cloud may have had something to do with the Knights Templar.

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