Other Sights We Are Enjoying

Not sure what is the most ubiquitous: sheep, rhododendrons, gorse, or heather.

We have seen rhododendrons growing out of the rocky roadside and every other place you can imagine. Not sure why some plants are blooming so fully while other areas are ending or just starting their blooming time. Anyway, they have been everywhere.

The sheep have been fascinating to see/watch. The lambs are seen in most fields and they are sooooo cute. The word that immediately comes to mind watching them is gamboling. They are so playful, like little children. We have also been amazed at how white they are since the older sheep are not very white anymore.

They stick close to Mama most of the time. One time we saw a lamb with it’s head in a hole in the fence. We turned the car around to go help it get out but it had managed to get loose. We know Mama was fussing at it.
Is this why there are black sheep? We actually see quite a few of them.

If this hedge of rhododendron were all in bloom, it would be incredible.

Gorse is currently in bloom and is all over the rocky hillsides!
Here one can see gorse with heather (brown stuff on the hillside) behind it. When the gorse is through blooming the heather will cover that in pink to purple flowers (from mid-summer to mid-fall). See more pictures and information on heather here.
Marilyn kept thinking of moors as she was looking over the landscape. Too many Scottish novels? Again, this must be gorgeous when the heather blooms. Don’t know what a moor is? Click here.

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