Oslo to Bergen by Train

The train trip from Oslo to Bergen is almost 300 miles. It leaves Oslo at an elevation of about 75 feet and arrives seven+ hours later in Bergen at an elevation of about 15 feet. Along the way one passes through 22 stations — our train only stopped at 10. We also passed through 180 tunnels. We had to look the number up because forget to count until we realized that we seemed to be spending a lot of time in the dark:-).

The first part of the trip (the climb) mostly follows the Hallingdalselva River (sometimes called the Great River). Try saying that three times very quickly. We tried and could barely get it out once. The descent partly followed the Vasso River and Lake Evangervatnet.

Lots of lakes, waterfalls, small farms (average farm size in Norway is about 60 acres), small villages/stations, and even some snow. In fact, the most snow we’ve seen in the summer since the family trip to Glacier National Park. Several ski resorts scattered along the top elevations.

We think glacier.
Snow plows.
Old bridge.
New bridge.
Not sure what these are but Bob thinks they might be bomb shelters.
Bomb shelters for people?
Pretty long train we were on.

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