Once More to Cimarron

We are leaving Eagle Nest in a couple of days and probably won’t be back for a year or two. Therefore, I requested one last trip through Cimarron Canyon and a last visit to the St. James Hotel in Cimarron. Here are a few pictures of the beautiful fall color we have been enjoying.

DSC_9397 DSC_9399 DSC_9407 DSC_9420 DSC_9438

2 thoughts on “Once More to Cimarron

  1. We have been having some nice autum color here in SFe too, but it IS getting cold in the mornings. Joseph and I are getting our firewood split & stacked and have the fireplace in the kitchen all ready to go!
    Where are you guys going for the winter?

    1. Someplace warmer! Probably Big Bend or that part of Texas. We have to stay close until Christmas. Our kids want one more in Ruidoso withG&G.

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