On to Leith and Duddingston Village

We continued along the Firth of Forth where we stopped at Cramond Causeway. Apparently, folks get stranded here periodically as the tide comes in quite quickly.

The sign cautions folks and gives them tide information.
Quite an uneven walkway.
Since the 12th century the Queen has owned all unmarked, mute swans in open waters. Guess these are hers.
On the train to Edinburgh, we thought we were seeing mustard. We are told this is rape seed. From reading they are brother (sister?) oilseed crops.
Spring is about to be over in Edinburgh but the tulips are still lovely.
So many pretty little spaces everywhere we go.
Stopped for a pint. The Sheep Heid Inn has been in existence since the 14th century – one of the oldest pubs in the UK and has stood on this site since the 16th century (building is 19th century).
This small blue structure was where the ”Bobby” was stationed in the neighborhood. We saw one converted into a coffee kiosk.

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