On to Glasgow

Sweet Sara took us to the airport to pick up the rental car. There was a significant line and it took us a total of about 45 minutes to get our car. We had rented a manual transmission Fiat but we were given an automatic KIA Picanto which is a really comfortable 4 seater with nice navigation and, Bob’s favorite thing on a car, a backup camera. So, all set we started out on the latest adventure, driving on the left side (or as we like to say, wrong side) of the road.

Bob said he always wanted a red car. Hopefully, it will make us really visible on the road.
These signs are pretty helpful as you go around the 6,000 plus roundabouts in Scotland!

The first hour or so Marilyn thought she would spend the month in Scotland with her hands gripped together but after an hour or so she relaxed some. It takes both of us, though, to watch for all the signs, the sudden stop lights as you approach a one-way bridge, and just to remind Bob to ”stay left”.

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