On To Caernarfon (May 18)

Before leaving Aberystwyth, we went to the Lidl by the charging station to pick up a few items before leaving town. Again, we started talking to a couple who were Australian but now lived nearby on a 20-acre farm with three pigs, 17 cows, some chickens and two dogs. They purchase four-month-old calves in January and then sell them at 14 months. At that age they are ready for breeding and are sold for that purpose. The couple also have the Ty Mar at Bethania (a B&B) on their working farm. So, if you are in West Wales and need a place to stay, we highly recommend this very nice couple. Their web site here.

Rock walls are everywhere!

Sometimes they narrow the road precariously.

The red dragon is also everywhere. It originally appeared in the 5th century representing the fierceness of the Welsh after running off the Romans!

Our lodging in Caernarfon was in the Ty Dre which was inside the city walls. Parking (5 minutes away on the river) turned out to be free with our hotel stay.

This is, by far, the nicest room we have had with a king size bed, a sitting area and a nice little kitchen.

The only drawback to this room is, like the one before in Aberystwyth, it is on the second floor (third in the US so up two flights of stairs – about 35 steps). While good for us, Marilyn felt terrible that she had made this error and Bob had to lug the big suitcase up. He’s a trooper!

Marilyn loves to see the white sheep against the green (and there are so many colors of green!). There was a sign at the Brecon Beacons Visitor Center explaining that the yellow blooming everywhere is gorse (blooms all summer) and the white is Hawthorne which only blooms in the spring. Sometimes the hawthorne is trimmed like a hedge, others it grows as a tree.

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