On to Caen

The biggest problem we have experienced (so far) is lack of working cell phones. Fortunately, both of our cars have had nice GPS systems. However, we had problems finding our Airbnb in Caen and also needed to call the manager to let us into the building. The nine hundred steps had caused Marilyn’s feet to swell, so she had taken off her shoes in the car. We finally stumbled upon the Tourist Information Center (following barely adequate signage). Turns out, it’s in the middle of a block. About the time we spotted it, traffic stopped at a red light. Marilyn jumped out of the car in her stocking feet while Bob tried to figure out how to get back to pick her up. Bob finally figured out how to turn around at a drop-off area for a church and started back. About the time he spotted Marilyn outside on the sidewalk, an ambulance came roaring by and stopped traffic. She spotted him, crossed the street, and jumped in the car.

The nice man in the tourist center made the call to the Airbnb manager and gave Marilyn maps and information about the city. While standing outside the center (still in her stocking feet), a man walked by with his family. He stopped, turned around, looked down at her feet and asked her if she needed shoes. She explained what had happened and he asked whether or not she was lost. He seemed concerned that she was someone with dementia or something and needed help (can’t imagine why he would think such a thing about a person standing outside in her socks). She assured him she wasn’t and thanked him for his concern. What a nice thing for a stranger to do. Fortunately, he asked in unaccented English so no problem understanding each other.

Found the Airbnb because Marilyn remembered that it was called Le Norway. There is definitely a dearth of house/building numbers in this country. The young woman manager had very little English, but was able to communicate adequately with Google Translate. Another reason we miss our cell phones and data plans.

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  1. What a great story! I’d pay cash money for a picture of MKM in her stocking feet talking to that stranger.

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