Off to Scotland

Today we made our way by bus and tube (getting good at the big city transportation) to King’s Cross Station to catch a LNER train to Edinburgh. Having run into problems a few days before with an unexpected tube station closure, we left three hours early for what was expected to be about a one-hour trip. Of course, everything went swimmingly and we had time for a leisurely breakfast at the station (we each had a half English breakfast).

The train was very comfortable. We had opted for first class. The English countryside was everything we expected and more. Rolling, very green, sheep-studded, etc. We stopped at about eight towns/cities as we went north and they also looked very much as expected and very different from US towns/cities. Mostly it is because there is virtually no lumber used. It is also often the age of everything that surprises us. The houses many times look pre-WWII or older (which they probably are in many cases).

Lovely train station. We are upstairs having breakfast.
Random castle (or something built to look like a castle).
Very typical town along our route.
WiFi everywhere!
We frequently see mustard in CA but were surprised to find it here. Found out that this is probably rapeseed — used for canola oil, healthier than vegetable oil.
They are hard to see (and harder to capture speeding down the rails) but there are sheep out there.

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