We have walked quite a lot in Scotland so far and it is interesting that we cannot figure out which side of the sidewalk one should walk on. They drive on the left so we thought they would walk on the left and some people do. But, the parade moves back and forth. We don’t understand what causes a shift but suddenly everyone goes from walking on the left to walking on the right. Crazy. We think we should just walk down the middle.

Crossing the street is also interesting (and sometimes terrifying). Mostly we cannot tell if a street is one-way so we look both ways at all times. You can’t even determine the direction people might come from by looking at parked cars because they park both directions on both sides of the street.

We think the Scottish people are amazingly honest. We passed this on the street and wondered what would keep someone from just helping themselves and walking on.

Took a little time to understand where the street signs are and they aren’t on every corner!

We have been able to do laundry because both Airbnb’s we have used had washers. No dryers but the hosts have provided many hangers so that has worked nicely.

Our clothing choices have been spot on (does that sound British?). We are layering and seem to have just the right weight layers. It has only rained on us a couple of times and then only briefly but it is certainly true what they say about the weather changing quickly. Our lightweight raincoats have been great to keep the wind out, also. We have yet to visit the Highlands so cross your fingers.

The people in London, Oxford, and Edinburgh have been so wonderful. We were walking to Calton Hill and a man passing us overheard us and stopped to see if we needed help. He was a driver for a local city bus so, of course, he knew what he was talking about. Marilyn told him to come to California and we would help him. Fortunately, his accent wasn’t too heavy.

All in all, a lovely trip so far!

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