New Mexico with Our Girls

After we made it to Eagle Nest, we drove down and met the daughters and granddaughters in Santa Fe, had lunch and saw some sights before we all went on to Ruidoso. We had taken the granddaughters to the Cowgirl restaurant a couple of years before and they remembered the dessert below. It looks like a baked potato with butter and sour cream but it is all sweet. The “baked potato” coating is chocolate and cinnamon on ice cream, the butter is cake icing and the sour cream is more ice cream – ummmmm.

The granddaughters remembered spinning under the dome in the capitol in Austin (as their mother and aunt had done as little girls) so they had to repeat the experience here.

Outside was this wonderful sculpture. Note that our granddaughters are helping the girls win the tug-of-war.

Our Charlotte, the animal lover!


After returning to Ruidoso Charlotte was thrilled to be with Uncle John and Aunt Marilyn’s dog, Ziva (bet you don’t know too many dogs named for a character on NCIS).

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