Nephew Ryan and Family

We visited Ryan Stephens at his home in Olympia, WA. He is in the process of building a “room” onto his house (screened-in porch). His wife, Miriam, was away at a family wedding and his mother (Bob’s sister, Pat) and Ryan’s sister, Rebecca, were visiting, helping with the children (9 year-old Rayna and 5 year-old Finnie) and helping witih the building.

DSC_7401 DSC_7402 DSC_7406 DSC_7407 DSC_7409

A couple of days later Pat brought the girls over to the RV. Finnie professed it to be “the best house ever.” We had lunch, walked around the park (many interesting signs and whirligigs to see) and then put together this puzzle.

DSC_7421 DSC_7429 DSC_7431


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