Mt. Whitney and the Alabama Hills

In the center of Lone Pine, at the one and only stop light, is the beginning of Whitney Portal Road. This takes one into the the Alabama Hills (Bob and I plan to explore those more in the next few days). It is an area famous for movie filming. The drive toward Mt. Whitney passes through these hills and then up toward the Sierra Nevada Mountains. We were only able to go part of the way toward the end of Mt. Whitney Portal due to a rock slide that had closed the road. We were told some of the boulders were as large as a house.

DSC_5664 We believe the peak to the left is Lone PIne Peak. Due to its nearness, it appears higher than Mt. Whitney (to the right in the background).

DSC_5670 DSC_5674

The views back to Owens Valley and Owens Lake (dry) were wonderful.

DSC_5675 DSC_5678 DSC_5682 DSC_5693 DSC_5694Behind me, as far as you can see road, was where it was closed. Actually, it was blocked below this and we had to walk up to there. We hoped to see the blocked road but were disappointed.

DSC_5700 DSC_5701

Bob couldn’t stop taking one view after another. It is rather awesome.

On the way down Bob took a couple of pictures of this dry bed.  It is huge. Can you imagine water filling that area as it rushes down the mountain?DSC_5703DSC_5702

Speaking of water, we can’t get enough of whatever water we see in this part of the country. DSC_5713

According to this highway patrolman these guys were filming an Infiniti car commercial.

DSC_5708 DSC_5711




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