Mountain Rose Inn

Some friends we met in Eagle Nest, NM (Shelley and Patrick) are now managing this lovely B&B near Woolwine, VA in the beautiful Blue Ridge.  Rock Castle Creek flows in front of the lovely home – 5 bedrooms each with a picturesque fireplace.  The inn also has a swimming pool and any number of decks on which one can rock all day.  After a wine tasting and mellowing at a nearby winery, our hostess served us a delicious dinner after we relaxed on the large deck at the edge of the creek.

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A third member of the family is Iggy.  This is a very  unusual dog.  He fetches rocks.  And, after bringing them to land he “plays” with them almost like a small animal he is trying to subdue.  Actually, I think he has trouble getting it back into his mouth on land so he flips it around.  It is really something to watch him search in the water for “the” rock.

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