Mostly Giant’s Causeway (May 26)

We decided that an easy day would include a visit to the Giant’s Causeway. Lots of detail here.

The visitor’s center is built to resemble the causeway rocks.

The East and North coasts of Ireland are bay after bay.

Although some have cliffs which are too high for a usable harbor.

Robyn says we should include a flower every once in a while to break up the monotony.

I think Wikipedia says there are 40,000 of these blocks. Bob thought they were bigger around. Live and learn.

The picture to the left has some people in it for scale.

The picture above shows columns still partially buried.

Marilyn thinks that some places we see do not live up to the pictures we’ve seen. This place was just the opposite!

You can sorta see the path from the visitor’s center to the causeway. It’s ONLY half a mile — each way.

Marilyn made it almost to the top before resting. Bob wanted to go to the top of the visitor’s center for a better view — it wasn’t.

There are eleven places in the world that have geologic formations like this. One is in California. See here.

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