Mosaic Canyon, Death Valley

This is a 2-4 mile hike depending on where you go.  The park information warns that some areas are slippery due to the smooth granite. Unfortunately, I did not get far.

DSC_5913 About 1/4 mile in the canyon narrowed and then one had to climb up. When Bob had to do it on his hands and knees, I knew it was not for me.  Bob went as far as this rockslide and decided he didn’t really want to climb this and he had seen most of the canyon by then.

DSC_5965 DSC_5966

There were some pretty places and he had a good walk. This canyon, like everything in Death Valley, frequently changed as you rounded a corner!

DSC_5948 DSC_5959 DSC_5996

He took a spill in this smooth (and slippery) area but he only scraped his elbow and wrenched his leg slightly (thank goodness). I don’t really like for him to go by himself but there were many other people in the canyon so he would have been okay (others would probably be of more help than I).


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