More Sights (NC 500)

We’ve been asked several times since we got to the UK which part of the country we liked best. We were pretty noncommittal until the last few days. Marilyn then commented that (so far) the absolute best has to have been the West Coast portion of the North Coast 500. Still East Coast to travel and many more pictures we may post.

We blogged about some sailboats at low tide in South Queensferry. This shows how the twin or bilge keels (one port and one starboard) allow the boat to stand upright without being in the water. The skeg keel provides the third point for triangular support.

We have been amazed at the number of RVs we have seen. Most seem to be twenty to twenty-five feet long and a lot are van conversions. Strangely, there have been only a few trailers.

Largest RV we’ve seen. Looks like is might be as large as ours (thirty-six feet).
Down the road.
Small caravan park.
At an overlook.
Another overlook

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