More Sailing Fun

After Robyn and Bob certified in the first two areas they needed to certify in bareboat cruising and cruising catamaran. For this weekend two night aboard experience, Marilyn got to go along for a little extra fee. We all felt it was important to determing how Marilyn would do on a catamaran since she is not the most stable person on dry land! Anyway, we all had a great time with a wonderful instructor who made it very relaxing (except the navigating piece which was a little challenging).

Here’s our boat.
Ain’t she a beauty!
Here he is hard at work learning the ropes.
The boat had a wonderful common area, a kitchen below where Robyn is sitting and slept us all very comfortably.
These two pictures show the controls Bob and Robyn are staring at in the next couple of shots.
Neither Bob nor Robyn had ever sailed a boat with dual engines (twin screws for those in the know) and it was sometimes a challenge (although Robyn looks very relaxed!)
The captain and crew in action.
Do you think they are having fun?
The second day out the captain decided his crew was good enough to launch the spinnaker. Wow!
And, finally, the chief cook and bottle washer!

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