More Quilts

Here are just a few  of the beautiful quilts we saw on Heritage Day.  The first one is completely appliqued and took the woman who made it five years to do. It has been appraised at $10,000.  The second one was designed by the lady in blue in the previous post who is a quilt historian, quilter and quilt collector. She also teaches quilting and previously had a quilt shop. She designed this quilt for folks in her quilting group to make and this version was done by one of the ladies coordinating the quilt activities for Heritage Day.  It is a “Downton Abby” quilt and if you look closely you will see Downton Abby stamped around the center.  The third one is an amazing work of piecing! And the final one is just a beautifully appliqued quilt with interesting quilting – different around the edges from that in the center part of the quilt.

IMG_1982 (607x800) IMG_1990 (800x447)

IMG_1983 (784x800) IMG_1984 (762x800)

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