Marilyn’s Birthday in London!

We landed more than an hour early in London’s Heathrow Airport. Customs was all electronic (Bob said he thought it was quicker with real agents but Marilyn was impressed with how quickly they moved a lot of people through). Our backpacks came through and we were on our way! But where? A very nice young airport employee told us how to get to the train station a short walk away. We bought Oyster cards (thanks to Robyn cluing us in on these) and moved on to the next challenge – which station for our Airbnb. Again, a very nice young man (and Marilyn’s research) told us what trains (and we began to discover how good the train maps and information are). We also began to discover how the British get so many people in such small spaces – everything is up and down stairs including the loo in most establishments!

Underground is fairly easy to follow once we realize that the trains are designated by line and termination stations — our Airbnb is on the District Line to Wimbledon (three stops past East Putney). Coin on the Tube Map is a one pound coin to show how small the map is. Would have been easier to read 20 years ago!

Airbnb is ground floor so, in England, half a floor down. It is, therefore, quite cool, and, as everyone knows, there is no sun in this bloody country (Morgan Freeman in ”Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves”).

8 Cambalt Road, Putney.

Guess what – steps!

Like everything in this country, its’s small but has everything we need – even a washer but no dryer 🙁

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