Marfa, TX

Another small town in the middle of nowhere, West Texas,

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is a town quite famous for a couple of reasons. In the Orr family it is famous because Bob’s sister, Marilyn, got married there some 25+ years ago. In the larger scheme of things it is famous because the movie “Giant” was filmed in and around the town. In fact, Marilyn held her weddiing reception in the Paisano Hotel which housed many of the cast and crew of “Giant.”  The big three stars, Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean, apparently stayed in the hotel only a couple of weeks and were then housed in some local homes. Marfa is also famous for the “Marfa Lights.”

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The town is built around a lovely square with the county courthouse (I think) and several churches of different styles around the square.  Marilyn married in the First Christian Church (white one below). It is beautiful inside (gorgeous windows) but was locked with noone around to let us in.

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The hotel is right off the square. It is a picturesque old hotel in the Spanish baroque style with many Southwest revival details.  Out doors to the left in this shot of the lobby is a lovely courtyard area that figured strongly in Marilyn’s reception. Straight through the archway at the end of the lobby is a room that I think had the furniture removed and the food (or at least the cake) was served in front of the fireplace.  Marilyn, please correct me if this is wrong.  The hotel also has a ballroom and a swimming pool (which I don’t remember being there when we stayed).

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