Los Fresnos, Texas

Grumpy was born in this very small town in the Rio Grande Valley in the house shown below. They then moved to the farm on the resaca where they swam and ate fruit right off the citrus trees! I never knew what a resaca was until this trip.  In case you too are uneducated in this area I will tell you that a resaca is a former channel of the Rio Grande. They are bigger than Grumpy remembered and prettier than I expected. The cemetery in the picture below is on property given by Grumpy’s father for that purpose.  Their home (which is no longer there) was along the resaca seen in the edge of the picture.  Again, it was amazing what Grumpy could remember considering he left there when he was about to enter 7th grade.

DSC_5630 DSC_5631 DSC_5633

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