Locked Out!

Yikes, we locked ourselves out of the RV.  We went outside to cut hair and neither of us had keys.  We  normally lock the deadbolt which requires a key so we never thought about getting locked out.  Well, as you can see from the picture below, the non-deadbolt lock (red knob on bottom) is just a drop down lock so when we closed the door, it dropped down and we were out of luck.  We had no phones, no car keys, no credit cards.  What a helpless feeling.  We tracked down the park owner’s husband to use his cell phone. He was wonderful hanging around with us all Sunday evening while we called Good Sam Roadside Assistance, waited 20-30 minutes on hold, waited for a call back and finally got word someone was coming.  About a 2 hour process culminated in a 1/2 minute opening by the locksmith.  Bob said it was disturbing that it was that easy to open! BTW, we have tried to have additional keys made so we could “hide” one but Winnebago apparently uses a blank that nobody has.  We will not let this happen again!


One thought on “Locked Out!

  1. Half a minute, yikes. I am terribly paranoid about being locked out. I have a key ring I hang around neck at all times, it has a detachable fob for actually using the keys. Don’t leave ‘home’ without it . We came close once, but luckily in the Class B one of the front doors was not locked…yikes!
    Also have Good Sam RA – hope to NEVER use their services, but good piece of mind.

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