Living Desert State Park, NM

Near the town of Carlsbad is this wonderful museum.  A walk of just over a mile winds you through different kinds of landscape in the area (sand hills, arroyos, canyon, etc.) identifying plants as you go.  In addition, there are some habitats for birds, animals, reptiles, etc. It is really quite well done.

IMG_2027 (506x800) IMG_2049 (800x600) This hawk (can’t remember what kind and, of course, the Bald Eagle were just two examples of birds in the park.

IMG_2063 (800x400) IMG_2067 (800x596) We almost didn’t see the sleepy Mountian Lions up on a shelf. The Bobcat doesn’t really look that different from your household tom but I don’t think I would want to meet him in the wild.

IMG_2058 (800x400) IMG_2061 (800x564) There were both turtles (one on the left end of the island just crawled out on the rock) and tortoises for us to enjoy.

IMG_2055 (800x438) IMG_2060 (800x556) There were also larger animals (elk, pronghorn, mule deer, etc.) and a great variety of plant life!

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