Lexington/Concord (#4)

One of my favorite books is Little Women so, of course, we had to see Orchard House where Louisa May Alcott lived while writing the book.  Apparently, her family was always poor (for a variety of reasons) and they got this house when it was in disrepair but they paid almost nothing for it. My understanding is that the proceeds from this and her other books allowed her to pay off her father’s debts and the family to live comfortably after that. Go here to read more.  Orchard House is under renovation so we could not tour it. The house next door is where Louisa May Alcott lived and wrote later. It was named The Wayside by Nathaniel Hawthorne who lived there when the Alcotts lived in Orchard House.

DSC_0073 (800x481) DSC_0075 (800x531)

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