Lajitas, TX

Today we drove south from Alpine to Terlingua and Lajitas on the US/Mexico border. In Lajitas we visited the Lajitas Golf Resort which is on the site of an early 20th century cavalry post (established when Poncho Villa was making his incursions from Mexico). Mercury had been discovered in nearby Terlingua a few years earlier and Lajitas became an official border crossing (the river had nice flat rocks in that area) when farmers arrived and began trading across the border. When the mining ran out in the late 1940’s Lajitas became virtually a ghost town. In the 1970’s Lajitas was purchased by a Houston corporation and most of the buildings were restored. In the 1980’s it became a golf resort and is quite a beautiful place. It has many amenities for hotel and RV guests including horseback riding, gun shooting, ziplining, a spa, and the golf course along with restaurants and a saloon. The area (between Big Bend National Park and Big Bend Ranch State Park) is wonderful for hiking, biking, rafting and many other outdoor activities. If one has a party of 8 or more the resort has a jet charter service from most large airports in Texas. This is a very remote area between Del Rio and El Paso and seems an unlikely spot for a resort. However, in the spring, fall and winter the weather would be perfect for so many outdoor activities.

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