Kinsale (June 9)

Skipped over Kinsale on our way to our B&B in Bandon on the 8th. It was very crowded and we’d already had a fairly busy day. Started the 9th with a leisurely breakfast and then spent a few hours touring the town. Details here.

A fine example of a walled city. In this case, most of the walls are gone.

The streets are narrow and people park in places that make it even more difficult.

If you hate your job, consider the guy who had to roll this “tumbler cart” around town collecting sewage and then spreading it on fields outside of town.

St Multose Church.

The base to this baptismal font dates from the 6th century.

This was once the main entrance to the church. Oliver Cromwell’s soldiers were garrisoned here in the mid-1600s. They sharpened their swords on the doorway. Guess most of them were right-handed.

The grass covered plot is dedicated to “Victims of the Lusitania Outrage of 1915”.

The graveyard contains some of the largest crypts we’ve seen.

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