Kenmare (June 8)

On the road from Ballydavid to Kenmare, we traveled along more coast and then went over the mountains. Not sure who Moll was, but she has a beautiful gap. When we weren’t on the coast we passed several loughs (Irish for loch (Scots for lake (American for body of water))).

Kenmare is unusual in that it it laid out as as “X”. Took our dirty clothes to a laundry, took a short walk, had soup for lunch (puréed vegetable for Marilyn, seafood chowder for Bob), went to the visitors center to see the heritage lace center and visit the old church. We then stopped at a bar, sat outside on the street and watched the world go by.

Pubs have had a fairly limited menu. The food has always been good.

Interestingly, we have eaten most of our meals inside, but it seems that one needs to drink outside.

The lace is amazingly intricate. More here.

Kenmare has one of the most accessible stone rings in the UK. This is a picture of a picture. We decided that we didn’t need to visit. More pictures here.

Our son-in-law, Jeff, had a professor/ colleague named Crowley. Possibly a relative?

Holy Cross Church.

The ornate ceiling is supported by ten of these larger-than-life angels carved in Bavaria.

The windows are Victorian. The 1914 altar is carved of Italian marble.

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