Inveraray and Lochgair

We had planned to visit Castle Sween on this day but, after we stopped for directions and then had lunch, we decided it was going to be too late and our scheduled hotel was on the way so we stopped early at the Lochgair Hotel. It is a hotel that needs a lot of cosmetic work both outside and in but the hotelkeeper was so nice, the hotel was clean and the food, both dinner and breakfast, was quite good. We met a couple of forestry workers (not sure exactly what they were doing nearby) in the restaurant and visited over dinner. We could mostly understand them and we discussed a number of topics (where to go and what to see in Scotland, free higher education in Scotland, why England will never let Scotland separate, etc.). Nice evening.

Had a lovely lunch here in Inveraray.
Inveraray is on Loch Fyne. So many lochs, so little time…
We have seen many, many sheep clearly ready to be sheered (and some that have been). Still need to ask why the colors on many of them.

Turns out that often several farmers share the same enclosed pasture. So they mark the sheep to show ownership (thanks Google!).

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