Today was a short driving day but it was mostly rainy and very windy so we were glad to arrive in this park near Indianapolis.  It is a very large park but much of it is under water right now. Two days ago they had five inches of rain in four hours and then it has continued to rain for two days. Since we arrived it has not rained but been overcast and cool. We walked around this afternoon and discovered homemade ice cream at the office. My reward for taking a walk! There is a large pool, the putt-putt you see below (mostly underwater) a place for live music on the weekends, paddle boats (when not half full of water) and many other amenities.  Apparently, some of the full-time residents who lived around the lake had to move to higher ground. It looks like some others should have.  There must be 10-15 swings scattered through the park and everyone was in water.  Fortunately for us the site they put us in (usually a back-in site) was very wet in the back half so they let us pull through that one (essentially using two sites) and we didn’t have to unhook the car.  Tomorrow we will just pull out and be on the way to Normal, IL to visit our not so normal friends, the Greens (you can understand why we like them).

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2 thoughts on “Indiana

  1. The Conner Prairie Museum there near Indianapolis is supposed to be very good. It has won lots of awards. But we didn’t find time for it the last time we were there. So go see it….do what I say, not what I do. 😉

    I am really enjoying all your new entries.

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