Grandmother’s Quilt

Yesterday we went to the library (to use their WiFi) and discovered the town was to celebrate Heritage Day today. We observed some ladies displaying some quilts and other memorabilia in the library.  I casually asked if they needed more quilts.  Turned out they were having a “bed turning” on Heritage Day and, when I explained about Grandmother Betty’s quilt, she wanted to include it in that.  A bed turning, I learned, consists of laying quilts on a bed, one on top of another, and having an expert examine each one and comment on it (pattern, when it was probably made, etc.)  This sounded wonderful to me because I really didn’t know much about the quilt. I acquired it as a “top” and, with Robyn’s help in selecting, purchased backing material several years ago. Then, recently, a friend of Bob’s quilted it on her long-arm machine. It turned out beautifully. I had been very concerned that the material was fragile so our friend quilted it heavily. I had actually forgotten that Grandmother Betty had dated it (1943) so we didn’t need that from the expert.  The expert felt the fabric was not really fragile and the quilt would hold up well if we choose to actually use it (rather than just display it). I was delighted! The lady in blue and the one across from her were the experts.  We sat through about two-and-a-half of the four “turnings” and it was quite fascinating.  We also learned tips on storing quilts. Great fun!

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2 thoughts on “Grandmother’s Quilt

  1. How cool is it that you can really enjoy Grandma Betty’s quilt now! Hope it passed without too many comments on the quilting!

    1. Isn’t that great. The only thing that even suggested anything about the quilting was that I should feel confident in using it. I think that is very much to do with how much quilting you did on it – and so beautifully! Thanks again.

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